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Sustainability encompasses effective resource management and ensuring the long-term viability of a business. Embracing sustainable practices not only aligns with environmental responsibilities but also yields tangible commercial advantages that positively impact the financial performance of a business.

It is crucial to identify opportunities that allow businesses to integrate sustainability into their operations and leverage its benefits on the bottom line.

At Peninsula Environmental, we understand that companies face increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. And that transitioning to sustainable practices requires investment. We are dedicated to helping businesses navigate this complex landscape.

From Lifecycle Assessments to Renewable Energy Integration, we offer comprehensive solutions to drive sustainability, while supporting businesses in finding grants, exploring funding sources, and ensuring financial viability.


Nuno (MD and Consultant)

Nuno, an MSc holder in Energy and Environmental Management, brings over a decade of expertise in delivering sustainability projects. He holds Chartered Membership with CIWM (waste management) and is on course for Energy Institute and IOSH (health & safety) charters.

Nuno excels in enhancing operational processes, spanning waste management, energy assessments, and health & safety protocols.

He possesses a remarkable track record in partnering with sustainable energy subcontractors, efficiently reducing energy usage, carbon emissions, and costs.

His passion lies in steering companies towards a Net-Zero future by optimising energy efficiency and devising strategic carbon reduction roadmaps.

Diana (Training Consultant & Office Manager)

She is a qualified teacher and trainer, fluent at native level in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She possesses strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Diana can successfully communicate complex ideas to a variety of audiences, making it easy for them to understand and act upon those ideas. Diana possesses a varied portfolio of activities in delivering training & teaching, interpreting & translating, educational planning & needs assessment, and in developing training materials to be used by teachers/trainers.

Moreover, in the last years alone, Diana has been working as lead operations officer for logistics and language services for ESG matters in international events such as: COP26, 27 and 28 meetings of the GATC in London and Geneva, UNOC Lisbon, and Climate Week New York.



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