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Helping you embrace sustainability to attract new clients, reduce costs, and kickstart your journey towards a more sustainable future.

Built Environment

Our goal is to empower businesses within the built environment to embrace sustainability, attract fresh clientele, cut down expenses, and initiate their journey towards a more sustainable future!

With 13+ years’ experience and an MSc in Energy & Environmental Management, I focus on decarbonization and project management.

Our mission: empower the industries to adopt eco-friendly practices and embrace positive change for a greener future.

We specialise in ESG, Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero solutions for the built environment. Our expertise includes emissions management, greenhouse gas accounting, and climate change mitigation.

We use ISO frameworks, dashoaboard and government-published GHG conversion tables for accurate calculations. As Energy Institute members, we excel in energy consumption reduction.

Our consultancy ensures efficient environmental and health & safety processes for projects. Experience our reliable procurement solutions and waste management strategies for sustainable operations.


  1. Develop a tailored environmental strategy.
  2. Benchmark sustainability against competitors.
  3. Engage staff with ESG coaching.
  4. Meet stakeholder expectations.
  5. Set and achieve carbon targets.
  6. Implement on-site renewable energy and EV-charging.
  7. Improve waste and pollution performance.
  8. Develop customized strategies aligned with business objectives.
  9. Advance in sustainability journey.


Sustainable businesses are favoured by customers due to increasing environmental awareness, driving support towards eco-conscious companies.

Implementing energy-efficient measures lowers energy bills, benefiting businesses, especially those with high electricity consumption.

Sustainable practices lead to improved financial performance, attracting investors and long-term market outperformance.

Sustainability boosts public image, fostering customer loyalty, and gaining a competitive edge.

Fair working conditions and benefits in sustainable businesses result in a happier and more productive workforce.

Demonstrating sustainability enhances opportunities for securing contracts and attracting funding from institutions prioritising eco-friendly initiatives.

What Our Customers Say!

Barry Harwell

"I have known Nuno for over a year now, and ask him to support my company on projects regularly, as he is professional and good at solving problems and has great knowledge in sustainability, a valuable project team member as his interpersonal skills means he can work with the different personalities that make up project team."

Katherina Hayes
MD KH Group 7

"Anyone who is looking for sustainability consultancy, advice, early stages of any sustainability start-ups, clean energy, NetZero and many more just ask Nuno – He is a reliable contact and highly recommend."

Jinesh Patel
MD at JP Consulting Solutions Ltd

"Nuno has consistently delivered exceptional work. He is efficient, professional collaborative and passionate about sustainability."


Peninsula Environmental is here to help.

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